How to Choose the Right Occupancy Detection System

Global Occupancy Detection System for High-Occupancy Toll

A lot of organizations are starting to invest in smart building technology, especially in occupancy analytics. But if a company considers following suit, what are the things they need to think about? Occupancy sensors usually offer a wide range of advantages, including helping businesses to get more from the space and people they already have, boosting worker productivity, and improving energy efficiency.

There is a wide range of modern technology available, and the industry has seen a significant improvement in the past couple of years. Hence, people need to think carefully about what they need and what type of sensor is suited for their organization’s needs.

What level of information or data does it provide?

Does the organization need to know how many individuals are inside the room, which rooms are occupied, and which ones are available? Some sensors will tell people how long the room has been occupied. Occupancy …

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