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Ways of Keeping Yellow Jackets Away from your Home Yellow jackets are insects that look like bees, and in most cases, they are confused with bees. You will realize that they do not have the tan-brown hair t found in honey bees. In most parts of the world they are called wasps. The ones that are common in many places are yellow and balck There are some that are black and white, but they are very rare. The yellow jackets just like many other insects live in the settlements. Their females attack humans and sting their skin. Black jackets are pests, but at the same time they fight other insects. They mostly surface when the temperatures are high. In most cases the yellow jackets are predators and not scavengers. All the same there are those that are aggressive in the process come across human skin, and they sting. You can prevent the insects from infesting your home without much effort. Open dustbins are very attractive to these insects. They like feeding on the leftover foods especially those that contain sugar, meat, and fruits. With this in mind then you need to keep the refined foods as well as the pets foods in sealed containers. Any dog food that is left floating in water will keep the black jacket wasps close to your home. You should also ensure you close any container with dog foods and more so during the hot season. That will make sure nothing attracting the insects into your home. You will also find them where there are bird’s drinking containers. Such containers are not supposed to be left outside if they are not sealed. You should also make sure the wasps do not gain entrance to the space on the side of your roof. They love the ceiling corners. It they build the nests without noticing; you may end asking a pest control expert to help you. If you are sure to stay without making the wasps angry or notice you, you can wait for they will all die during the cold season. The best news is that you can control the wasps without spending money. You can take it upon yourself to make sure all the containers are sealed that contain anything that can attract these insects into your home. You can also identify the entry points of these insects into your home or the place where they have built their nest. You can deal with them using hot water or soap and pouring it at the entrance or nest. That will ensure they are all killed. You only need to be sure you have covered your skin when you are pouring the water to avoid stinging. You can also consult a pests control expert.Where To Start with Tips and More

Where To Start with Tips and More