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Advise On How To Make Your Lawns Look Like Golf Course

It is possible to make your lawns have the appearance like that of the golf courses. it should be green enough that even your visitors will fear to walk on them. Your lawns can quickly transform their appearance from light green color to dark green with proper attention. A determined homeowner can ensure that they shape their lawns to match their perfect needs. The following should be the guiding points on the lawn care if you decide to hire the company or decide to do it yourself.

Be Careful Of The Grass Size

The reasons why the golf courses look greener than your lawns are because they do not share the same grass. The mowing of the grass can quickly transform the grass to look evergreen. The ideal height of your lawns should be at a maximum of three inches. When you cut your grass to be short you will be destroying the blades that help in photosynthesis to help them maintain the green color. The grass that is well cut will ensure that they do not allow the growth of the weeds. Effective selection and use of the lawn mowers ensures that the grasses are not destroyed and that they are cut at the right size.

Use Good Fertilizers

The lawns require their nutrients just like any other plantations.You can ensure that you buy the right fertilizers for the lawn. When you grass gets enough nutrients, it will overpower the growth of the weeds and they will discourage the spread of the diseases. Most insect will find it hard to attack the grass when they are properly fed.

The Watering Practices

The watering practices determine the appearance of your laws. You need to ensure that you feed your lawns with the correct amounts of water. Over-watering the lawns will make them to rot and the recommended time is once in every week. You should consider the type of watering method and it is wise to select the deep watering techniques because they have been proved to sustain the grass for long.

The Preparation Of The Lawns

You should ensure that every condition in your filed favors the growth of the grass. You should ensure that you practice aeration annually so that the grass can constantly receive new nutrients. The process of aeration ensures that the soil receives sufficient air that is good for the grass. The best maintenance time is during the morning. You should consider practices such as mulching when planting to ensure that your grass retains the moisture and some of the nutrients.

If you have never cared for the lawns, you should look for the services of the lawn attendants to ensure that your lawn looks great for the entire year. Check your attendant to ensure that they are within the advised practices.

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