Lucky 7 Kratom Vs. Indo Kratom

Lucky 7 Kratom are a mix of seven top-notched and most liked Kratom strains that have gained popularity over the years amongst the Kratom users’ family.

The combination of those seven strains, each having individual properties, different from the others, produce to a mix that has an array of features.

We carefully formulated the mixture after taking avid Kratom users and nutritionist on board. And that we ensured that the ratio of the strain within the blend was such extreme effects like sedation wouldn’t occur.

Thus, it’s a mix that contains all properties of the spectrum from the stimulant end to the relaxant end.

The list of those strains is as follows;

1) Red Maeng Da Kratom

It is a really potent stimulant and analgesic. It increases energy levels and boosts mood.

2) Green Maeng Da Kratom

This blend has mild to moderate effects of stimulation at low doses and …

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