A Brief Guide on Messenger Bot Technology In 2020

When it comes to chatbots, you should have in mind that they became vital for businesses and their customer services. The main reason for that is their efficiency when it comes to engaging with potential customers, leads, and clients.

According to most users, the artificial intelligence became the mainstream investment. At the same time, it will increase in the next few years.

More than 50% of businesses will use messenger bots to improve customer care. In comparison, more than 40% of the market will adopt virtual assistants.

We can see how the AI is affecting the way we are conducting business both with customers and internally. Therefore, artificial intelligence is vital for flexible interpretation and automatic learning of efficient business communication.

We decided to present to you the trends that we can expect in the upcoming year.

Chatbot Trends That Will Happen In 2020

We have to say that more and more industries are using chatbots to improve their business process. At the same time, numerous industries are using them as well to boost their customer experience and service.

As you can see, the implementation will completely transform the ways we are conducting businesses with prospects and other customers. Some of the common uses include lead generation, customer service, messaging apps, customer engagement, HR, and many more.

1.   Chatbots Will Have More Human Characteristics

Based on the studies, the number of chatbots will increase significantly in the next few years. The market will also improve and will reach more than 1.3 billion dollars by 2024.

Therefore, we can easily say that the driving force of customer service and business communication will be based on bots. Due to AI and other technological advancements, the bots will understand the conversations and become more intelligent than before.

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Of course, it is still challenging to implement comprehensive AI technology. The main reason for that is because the technology did not advance to a point where we can deliver the ideal impact. The main challenges include:

  • The Inability To Understand Each Request – The main problem with the chatbots nowadays is the inability to understand customer intent. However, that will advance in the next few years, which means that we can expect more and more personalized communication.
  • Problems With The Human Dialogue – Since the bots do not have proper conversational intelligence, they can easily misinterpret the dialogue. We tend to use slang and personalized word order. That is something that could lead to an inability for bots to understand you.
  • Inability To Understand Accents – Currently, bots cannot understand cultural dialects and accents, which is the problem that requires fixing.

Since this particular industry almost entered the mainstream, it is vital to maintain customer expectations. That is why businesses are creating chatbots that are similar to humans. Generally, we cannot distinguish them from human agents.

They are implementing natural language processing in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is something that will improve as time goes by.

By improving the conversation intelligence, the bots will be able to:

  • Provide you customized and personalized answers to enhance overall customer experience, which will nourish customer relationships.
  • It will affect the positive perception of customers. That will ultimately create a more satisfied customer base than before.

2.   Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers

A combination of messaging, virtual assistants, and chatbots are part of new technologies that will affect most contact centers from all across the globe. Remember that AI trends will save expenses, especially when compared with human agents.

According to tech magazines, businesses will be able to reduce overall customer service expenses by 30$ just by implementing conversational bot instead of a human agent. Of course, you will need people for more complex queries.

Check out this site: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/190/artificial-intelligence-ai to learn more about AI in general.

However, bots can handle numerous requests, such as requesting a balance, changing a password, and scheduling appointments, among other things. We can expect that this particular implementation will provide you these benefits:

  • You Can Reduce Expenses – Based on numerous reports, call center attrition rates are more significant than other industries. Therefore, you will be able to reduce the number of human agents, which will help you retain that money, especially since the customer queries tend to be repetitive. On the other hand, lack of human involvement will also create a more objective perspective, especially since the current emotions can affect the efficiency of an agent. Bots will always try to help even when the customers are angry and frustrated due to the inability to use some product or service correctly.
  • 24/7 – Finding the staff that will work 24/7 is another expense that you have to handle, especially if you have a startup and limited funds. However, if you implement the bots and add different languages, you will get a constant ability to handle customer queries in real-time. That is a way better solution than paying hefty overheads for each employee.