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Things to Consider When Buying a Flat Iron

Looking great doesn’t come easy and it requires us doing various things to ensure that we stay stylish. Hair is a great contributor to a person’s looks and so much can be done to it to ensure that a person looks good. One of them is straightening or curling it with a flat iron. It is a popular trend and flat irons are very helpful to keep us looking good.

Conversely, not all flat irons are compatible with your hair type. The best thing you can do before purchasing a flat iron is to seek recommendations from various people. Enquire from them the kind of flat iron they use and its features. Or, you can seek advice from hair experts and even try your hair on different flat irons in a number of salons to choose the best one for you. Some of the important features to look out for are:

Heat control
Flat irons are usually available with two types of temperature control mechanisms; fixed and variable. The ability to adjust temperatures of your flat iron is important because it ensures that you use the right amount of heat on your hair. People with thin or light hair should avoid the fixed temperature because the heat might be overpowering for their hair type. Those with hard hair might find the fixed temperature flat iron helpful. People with a hair texture that is moderately soft can use both types of flat iron, preferably the variable temperature flat iron.

The technology it uses
Older flat irons were made of aluminum, but today, most of the flat irons are ceramic and ionic to improve the functions of a flat iron. They also use other technologies like nano-titanium, nano-silver, nano-tourmaline to diversify their results. The type of material used to make a flat iron will give you a different grade in results.

The ceramic element in a flat iron makes it produce silky and straight results. Nano-titanium is a good heat conductor and works faster than other flat irons. The nano-silver element in a flat iron makes it eliminate bacteria on the appliance, making it germ-free. Nano-tourmaline is good with making hair smooth. Therefore, the ideal flat iron for you depends on your hair type and styling needs.

Plate Width
Ensure that you select a flat iron whose plate width is convenient for your hair length to enhance your experience. Not all flat irons are availed in different plate sizes.

Does it allow you to curl your hair?
Nowadays, many flat irons can allow you to make curls. However, the quality of curls is much dependent on the user, not the device, thus you should polish your curling skills.

This is critical to ensure that your flat iron serves you well. Go for a flat iron that offers you a warranty of at least one year, especially if you plan to use frequently to style your hair.

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